This season your year-end gift goes twice as far!

Gifts from newly appointed Board of Trustees member and alumni  help students affected by new Pell Grant legislation

Marygrove College is among only a handful of private colleges in Michigan that is taking action to support its students affected by new Pell Grant restrictions that went into effect in July, 2012. The College has committed to ensuring that ability to pay will not prevent students affected by the Pell Grant changes from graduating on time. A key part of this commitment comes from a generous matching gift pledge from new Marygrove Board of Trustees appointee and alumna Nan McDonough Geschke ’64, who has pledged to match, dollar for dollar, all alumni donations during Marygrove’s annual fall appeal.

The Pell Grant restrictions imposed by policymakers in Washington effectively “pulled the rug out” from students who, through no fault of their own, lost funding that they were depending on to complete their college education. New restrictions have increased the household income requirement, scales back the number of funded semesters and disproportionately affects lower income students. In fact, 150 Marygrove students were directly affected and were faced with putting their college dreams on hold because of an inability to pay.

In addition to leadership efforts undertaken by the College to help students affected by the new Pell Grant legislation, alumna Nan McDonough Geschke’s matching gift challenge to Marygrove’s alumni is certain to have a profound and immediate effect on these students’ lives. For many, it literally dictates whether or not they will graduate from college and demonstrates once again, our alumni’s commitment to Marygrove’s mission.

According to Marygrove President David Fike, “This tremendously generous gift, to support our work over the next two years, represents the largest single commitment of support from a living donor in Marygrove’s history. I am humbled by the generosity and confidence conveyed by Nan’s gift as well as by the growing support of alumni and friends of the College. Nan and our alumni and friends embody what it means to be an urban leader.” 

Let’s make this an historic year in giving! When you receive your fall appeal letter, please consider the wonderful opportunity you will have to make your gift go twice as far, and have an immediate impact on a Marygrove student who needs your help. You can give online, or by mailing your donation to Diane Puhl, Director of Alumni Relations/Annual Giving: 8425 West McNichols, Detroit, MI 48221. If we don’t hear from you, we will be making follow-up courtesy phone calls.

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