Marygrove All Student Art Exhibit 2012

The All Student Art Exhibition at Marygrove College will run through Thursday, April 5th in The Gallery.  The exhibition highlights the best of Marygrove’s student artwork including prints, photographs, drawings, paintings, ceramics and sculptures. 

This year’s student exhibition features visually stunning and technically proficient photographs from students under the tutelage of the Art Department’s new faculty member and Detroit-based photographer Robert Stewart.  An extension of the exhibition can be viewed in The Beyond Words Gallery located in front of the library.

Participating students include Robert Abrams, Bianca Adams, Angela Allen, Damon M. Allen, Dinah Aremo, Karole Bailey, Robyn Banks, Crystal Barber, Alexis Bell, Ginette Balbin-Cuesta, Venessa Brandon, Shana DeVoe, Janella Dockery, Carl Ellis, Jalissa Favors, Steven D. Fuller, Gabriella Gorges, Adrielle Hall, Alice Hall, Faith Lancaster, Elizabeth Lerczak, Martin McNeely, Virginia Montagne, Amalia Poling, Danielle Regier, LaDonna Rikard, Jacqueline Roberts, Autumn Robinson, Nicole Rogers, Ola Shannon, Jackie Stokes, and Shaniqua Wells.

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