Social Justice Program Fundraiser at the Detroit Repertory Theater

Marygrove’s Social Justice program is selling tickets to “Dead and Buried,” a comedy presented by the Detroit Repertory Theatre on Sunday, April 1 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $20.*

*IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to contribute to the fundraiser, interested persons must purchase tickets from Elena Herrada (not The Rep directly) by contacting her at: (313) 927-1418 or (313) 974-0501.

It is no surprise Dead and Buried is a play about a cemetery. But the story is not simply about corpses and the bereaved. It is about the Cemetery Supervisor, Bid, and the workers she hires. Bid is an ex-marine who was stationed in a Mortuary Affairs Unit. Rob is the young man who works the backhoe and digs graves. Perdue is a young woman hired by Bid to work with Rob. However, all of them have hidden agendas and secrets. Cemetery humor and ghoulish pranks fail to bury the deep rooted need in all of them to overcome fate’s cruelties and recover abandoned love.
In the end all three find camaraderie as they toss dirt, shovel by shovel, into an uncovered grave.

Resident Designer and Production Manager, Harry Wetzel, will direct Dead and Buried. Last season he directed the highly acclaimed World Premiere Production about a Somali Muslim Poet entitled Forgiving John Lennon. The year before that he directed the cyber thriller, Two Point Oh, and three seasons ago he directed the prize winning play Finding The Burnett Heart.

Harry’s cast for Dead and Buried features Lulu Dahl as Perdue, the young girl seeking cemetary secrets; Charlotte Leisinger as Bid, the tough minded cemetary caretaker with a dream, and Benjamin J. Williams as Robbie, the young cemetary worker digging for his identity. Lulu is fast becoming a regular on the Repertory stage. She was last seen at the Rep as multiple characters in the Rep acclaimed production about breast cancer entitled Looking for the Pony. Charlotte is a resident Rep veteran whose history at the Rep goes back some 14 years. She has directed a number of Rep plays but she was last seen as a performer in the Rep’s famous quirky play about rebellious homeless who “Occupy” Moonshine Alley. Benjamin returns to the Rep stage after his successful debut as the professor in last season’s remarkable production about a Somali Muslim Poet entitled, Forgiving John Lennon.

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